Random Video Thoughts

Random book thoughts? Why not random video thoughts? And I am considering a YouTube channel for this sort of nonsense but then people would have to see my face or hear my voice. I’m pretty damn annoying when I put my mind to it. And by put my mind to it, I mean open my mouth and utter a single word.

There’s some pretty good comedy gold on YouTube and I’ve become a fan of CrazyShootin and his utterly hilarious game play commentary/trolling.

Except the Small Horse map.

Its just the most insane map I’ve ever seen (and I haven’t seen all these playlists yet). I’m up to part 6 and my only thoughts are “What is this and why is it happening to my eyes!?”

**His videos feature plenty of cussin, high-pitched squealing, and scary monsters so… You’re warned.

Random Book Thought – Thorn Jack

Ok, I toy about with things to post about and I usually go “Eh, people don’t wanna read that.”

I’ve since decided I don’t care.

Also, continued reading could completely change my mind. You were warned.

I’m reading Thorn Jack and you’ll have to wait for my review and/or buy the book to find out what it’s about but here is my random thought for what I’ve read today:

What the heck is it with the trend of the male romantic interest sneaking into the girl’s room while she sleeps? Doesn’t any one throw rocks at a girl’s window? It’s more creepy than romantic… So, I’m thinking this scenario is best saved for if he’s trying to kill her or something cause if I wake up and some guy is in my room, I’m reaching for my katana, not lookin to date him.