Woohoo! I won a giveaway!

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As I make the rounds on the Internet and wade through all the author newsletters I signed up for, I come across a decent amount of giveaways. Most of them don’t amount to much but this time I scored this set from a giveaway on Hank Quense’s site! It’s not as if I am running out of things to read (with only 11 MB of space left on my kindle…) but this is a pretty sweet score. Hopefully, they will help me take my self-publishing to another level!

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Would you like to take a survey? No, really.

As a self-published author, I like to get in on certain things. A friend/co-worker of mine pointed me to this survey over at Taleist about the state of self-publishing today. I’ve done my part and filled it out (with my quite pathetic sales numbers) and I encourage all my self-pub buddies out there to join in. ^_^