Star Trek Limited Edition Loot Crate


  • Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken comic
  • Enterprise ship
  • Live Long and Prosper pin
  • Live Long and Prosper air freshener
  • Star Trek crew socks

I will admit feeling as though this crate is a little light on items. I’ve gotten this exact air freshener before and there was no shirt. However, these are some badass socks.

Overall, I would have liked to see just more items. This crate is just sort of OK considering it’s from one of my favorite fandoms.

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Fangirl Loot Crate


I was a little leery of this crate, to be honest. I was concerned it would be pandering nonsense but I actually love all this stuff!

  • DC Bombshell figure
  • Star Trek purse
  • Fangirls coloring book (it also came with tiny pencils)
  • Marvel women dress

And yes, those are tiny tribbles on the purse! Tiny tribbles!! I’m in love with it. The dress is fantastic and fits like a dream, the figure is cute, and if you’ve been on my Instagram lately, I have been practicing my coloring with coloring books so it’s just an all around useful and fun box. I’m so glad I got this!

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July Loot Crate: Futuristic


This crate contains:

  • Futurama Ship
  • Rick and Morty t-shirt
  • Star Trek Pin
  • Star Trek pack
  • Megaman
  • 4001 AD comic

I’m not exactly in love with this one. There’s just one thing that made me super excited and that’s the Star Trek pin. Other than that, I already gave away the t-shirt and the rest will probably end up on eBay.

Hopefully next month will be better.

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