Sandy Library Losses…

So, we finally got to the stage where we are all doing inventory to see what was lost and what remains of our collection. I completed the inventory of my graphic novels on Monday and it was pretty depressing. We lost entire series’ of comics and the dvd’s along with them (I shelve the TV series and moves with the comics they’re based on for easy finding). The worst was not being able to replace the out of print ones.

Luckily, things like The Walking Dead series (which we lost a decent chunk of) were really easy to replace since they’re so popular right now. But some Green Lantern, Zatana, and Gunsmith Cats are out of print. 🙁 And Kick Ass volume 1? Really, Marvel? With volume 2 , a Hit-Girl prequel AND a second movie in the works, there’s just  no excuse for that. Start printing more of volume one PRONTO!

All in all, considering some libraries were completely wiped out, we were lucky to only lose about 15% of our collection on the first floor. Re-ordering has been a strange, eye-burny trip of reams of paper and way too much time staring at a computer screen. But, by the time we open, we should have most of the materials back on the shelf.

It’ll be good to see people in here again. I’m almost excited to open. 🙂

Sandy, Sandy..


Yeah, that? That’s a tree that went down in front of our neighbor’s house. Nobody was hurt but my demon seed there is 2.5 feet tall to put that tree in perspective. O.o

Cell service is spotty and we’re lucky to have our power back. I hope others will be as lucky. My library was in Long Beach so I’m wondering if I still have a job now…

Hang in there, fellow East Coasters. Blessed Samhain, all.

Storm Damage – Pics from my slice of Irene

While Long Island wasn’t spared the in terms of damage, we were lucky. We lost power only for a day and the house withstood the storm. The streets however, were a mess.

I feel sorry for the trees. 🙁 I feel even more sorry for the power lines holding the one in that second picture up. To be fair, the lines kept the tree from falling on that house. 0.0

This was above my desk when I went back to work on Tuesday. My stuff was ok, thankfully. ^^

I’m almost glad Ma died before this could happen I know you can register with LIPA if you’re on oxygen and can’t be with out electric, but it still would have been scary. We would have had to evacuate and, seeing as how a power-surge caused a panel in the house to spew sparks and a boiler to catch fire, the house might have burned down if we weren’t there to take care of things.

In the continuing blitz to think about anything else but dealing with my life in general, I have several movie reviews on deck for you guys and I finished that fanfiction entry for Otakus and Geeks. I am working on Greenhouse at a pace that is positively inhuman and have a stack of submission guidelines to work on. I also have to work on some scripts for my go to cover artist to turn into comics.

And as an aside? Allow me to join the chorus of people in saying: Holy shit!! It’s September already!? o_O