Lenni Reviews: “A Strange and Mystifying Story” by Tsuta Suzuki

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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated 18+

*This review is cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.

After the unfortunate death of his grandfather, Akio Yamane has no family left and believes he will soon join them. The Yamane family is cursed and Akio is indeed terminally ill. Delirious with fever, Akio desperately prays to a talisman his grandfather said would protect him and summons a demon he names Setsu. Akio begs Setsu to cure his illness and never dreamed how intimate Setsu’s “treatments” would be.

Setsu is a straightforward character and he’s written in a way that his brusque nature doesn’t come off assholeish like Eiri Yuki from Gravitation. You can tell he cares for Akio yet since he isn’t human he doesn’t bother with the niceties or waste time yet remains likable. Setsu and Akio play off each other well and the story doesn’t waste too much time on the typical slapstick. The sex scenes are mildly censored; naughty bits kept in shadow or vague outline and strategically placed word bubbles abound. But it’s still hot and the story is cute. 3.5 out of 5.

Note: There are also two side stories: Nylon Vinyl and The God’s Don’t Exist. The first is a contemporary teacher/student relationship and the second is a historical romance. They are pretty short so there isn’t much time for development but they were amusing sides to the main story. It would have been interesting to have them tie into Setsu somehow; as he has been bound to Akio’s family for many years. But they’re still cool.

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Release Announcement: “A Strange and Mystifying Story” by Tsuta Suzuki

The awesome folks over at SuBLime have announced the release of a new title: A Strange and Mystifying Story. The lovely cover and press release are below! 😀







Fantasy Series About A Japanese God And A Cursed Man From Renowned Creator Tsuta Suzuki Returns To Print


San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2017– SuBLime, the leading global English-language yaoi manga publisher, delivers the launch of new series A STRANGE AND MYSTIFYING STORY, available now after being previously out of print.

The series, by creator Tsuta Suzuki, is rated ‘M’ for Mature Readers. Print editions carry an MSRP of $12.99 U.S. / $17.99 CAN each. The digital versions carry an MSRP of $6.99 U.S. Readers have two methods of digital access to the series on SuBLimeManga.com – via a DRM-free downloadable PDF, viewable on any enabled eReader device and computer, as well as via the online manga viewer. Readers can also purchase a digital version through the NOOK, Kindle and Kobo eReaders as well as on Google Play. SuBLime will publish subsequent volumes of the seven-volume series on a quarterly basis.

In A STRANGE AND MYSTIFYING STORY a man named Akio Yamane falls terminally ill, presumably from his family’s curse. Remembering his grandfather’s final words about their family protector, he looks to where his grandfather pointed and finds a tooth. Upon holding it, he accidentally summons a god who promises to cure him, albeit in a rather odd and intimate manner!

“Fans have requested that SuBLime pick up and finish releasing all volumes of this series, and we are excited to add A STRANGE AND MYSTIFYING STORY to the SuBLime catalog. We will make the series available in its entirety,” says Hope Donovan, Managing Editor. “Readers will not want to miss what happens as the relationship heats up between a deity and this seemingly cursed, but decidedly handsome, man.”

A STRANGE AND MYSTIFYING STORY is Tsuta Suzuki’s second English-language release, with her first being Your Story I’ve Known. Formerly working under the penname, “Yogore,” she has also published doujinshi (independent comics) under the circle name “Muddy Pool.” Readers can find out more about Tsuta Suzuki on her Pixiv page: Pixiv.net.

Visit SuBLimeManga.com for a complete array of additional yaoi manga titles that are available digitally in a download-to-own format for $6.99 (U.S. / CAN) each and are viewable as a PDF on any enabled eReader device or computer or accessed via the online manga viewer found on the web site.

For up-to-date news and release information, please visit the SuBLime website at SubBLimeManga.com, or follow SuBLime on Twitter at @SuBLimeManga, Facebook at facebook.com/SuBLimeManga, Tumblr at http://sublimemanga.tumblr.com/, and Instagram at @sublimemanga/.

About SuBLime

SuBLime is a global yaoi/boys’ love manga publisher presenting English-speaking fans everywhere with a broad selection of high quality titles. SuBLime offers titles digitally worldwide at SuBLimeManga.com, with many available in a Download-to-Own format, and selections in print also available in English-language editions worldwide.

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Lenni Reviews: “Jackass” vol 1 by Scarlet Beriko

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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated 18+

*This review is cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.

Keisuke lives with his sister boisterous sister, Akiko, and walks to school with his best friend Katsumi. Katsumi is openly gay and scandalously dating the school nurse and Keisuke finds this out when he accidentally stumbles upon them kissing in the nurses’ office. Akiko’s pantyhose had gotten tangled up in Keisuke’s school uniform so Shinoda, Keisuke’s best friend, offers to cover for him by taking him to the nurses’ office but when Shinoda sees Keisuke’s runner’s legs in the pantyhose, he can’t help but touch them. But what starts off as simple touching turns to more for Keisuke.

This is a very sexy friends to lovers story with asides to some other relationships; including a boy who bullies Katsumi for being gay who of course is doing so because he has a crush. All the conflicts are handled logically and nothing ever blows up into horrid dramatics; like the whole school turning on Katsumi because he’s in a relationship with a staff member. And for an uke, Katsumi is a strong, assertive character. He may be young and sweet but when backed into a corner, Katsumi doesn’t wait for a savior. Things play out in ways where you can see real people making these decisions.

The art is well done and all the sex scenes are so detailed you will blush while reading. And all the encounters are CONSENSUAL! So, you actually can connect with these pairings and want to see them happy. Great manga, despite being a little confusing when it starts out. 3.7 out of 5 and keep em coming!

This title is scheduled for release on October 10th, 2017 from SuBLime.

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Lenni Reviews: “Don’t Be Cruel” vol 1 by Yonezou Nekota

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**This review has been cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.**

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review and is rated for 18+.**

Facing the possibility of losing his scholarship, Takashi Negugasa cracks under the pressure and cheats during a test. Unfortunately for him, school delinquent and known playboy, Kideyuki Maya, catches him in the act. In exchange for keeping it secret, Maya blackmails Negugasa into sleeping with him.

As this is a 2 in 1 volume, we see Maya’s interfering cousin, Akira, and the obvious feelings Maya has for Negugasa despite Negugasa’s obliviousness. It’s that “I really like you but I can’t say it” scenario. Once I got passed the coercion (yeah, it’s a little close to straight up non-con) the pair to make a cute couple. As soon as they get out of their own way, that is.

This may be a typical sort of boys love story but its well drawn and the main characters are likable enough to endure the will they/won’t they back and forth (which thankfully doesn’t last all that long). I found it a little odd for Maya to turn around and say Negugasa was manipulating him when Maya was doing the blackmailing in the first place (what an odd character flip…) but hey, at first neither man would admit any feelings at all and I’m a  mush. I’ll admit I like the happy ending. 4.5 out of 5 and I would love to read the next one!

And yes, graphic man-sex in this manga. The explicit content warning is right there on the cover and they mean it.

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