See? Bookstores are dangerous for me…


Yeeaahhh… I was left unattended in Barnes and Noble with a credit card… This is the result. Actually, this and a couple things for my kiddo for Easter/Ostara gifts, but still…  >_< *smoke wafts off debit card*

I regret nothing. “Ghost” was I comic I read in high school and while it may seem silly to others, she was a huge role-model for me.  Rediscovering her at this time in my life has to be fate. 🙂 As for the special edition “Death?” It’s Neil Gaiman. I’d read the phone book if he wrote it. :p

The Tarot and Trace books just looked cool. I’ve always wanted to expand what I can do with my tarot cards and any sort of spiritual advancement I’ll take. :p

This is about IT for me in regards to book shopping. I did a big shop last week when I took the demon seed to get pictures with the Easter Bunny and still haven’t finished all THOSE comics. Looks like reading isn’t my anti-drug, it IS my drug. XD

Pagan Blog Project – “C” for Cartomancy

My mother, who said my being Pagan was cool as long as I didn’t “do anything to the cat,” is the one who bought me my first deck of tarot cards. Such things were a favored gift from others for awhile (till I begged people to stop giving them to me) but this deck was the first (and for awhile ONLY) deck to work for me.

In fact, cards are the only divination method to work for me at all. o_O I’ve tried runes, boards, scrying, but not the I-Ching because I heard it involves math and I have taken great pains in my life to avoid evil number wizardry whenever I can. 😉

The way I do readings for myself (or anyone else if they ask me all pretty like) is by shuffling the cards and asking “What would be the outcome if ______?” And I use most frequently The Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea (the one my Ma bought me) and I lay them out in a three row spread which looks like an arrow. Each line is the past, present, and future.  I’ve gotten some pretty good insights in things using this method and I like it because it tells me if I continue on the current path, this is what is most likely to happen. It’s changeable. I don’t desire to know the future, per se, I want to be warned if I’m about to step in a pothole.

The only other deck I use is the Dragon Tarot. I bought this deck because it mystically felt… Oh, because dragons are awesome. >D This deck also works for me (I have stopped buying decks now) and I use the same spread. I have a book of tarot spreads but the arrow formation works so I am the most familiar with that one.

As for which deck I use and when, it’s totally random. I think “Hey, it’d be nice to use the dragon one today.” Sometimes I do three card day readings but not all the time. Honestly, I’m lucky I leave the house on time most mornings so stopping to do a tarot reading isn’t… In the cards.

You know I had to make that joke once. 😉