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My buddy, Misfit Librarian, is up for Most Fascinating Librarian Blog! 😀 Head over, read, and vote for her! 😀

Holy crap… @_@

Typing marathons are obviously for the young. I remember in the bygone days of college where I would park myself at the computer for 4 hours and just go and go…

Today, after a two hour typing marathon getting The Mirror typed up, I feel like someone tied my spine in a knot and rubbed salt in my eyes. And I’m still going today! I have a terrible, terrible focus on this. I straight up chased my husband out of the bedroom  last night so I could type in bed on the netbook instead on the main computer. The main comp is right by the front door and there’s an awful draft; so I hid in the bedroom and typed up 4 written pages in 2 hours. Most of it is incomprehensible drivel – and oh MAN, am I the queen of typos – But it’s there and I have all weekend to edit.

The lovely , who basically keeps ATQM running because HTML makes me cross-eyed, made this banner for me (so send her cookies) It’s in my livejournal profile and I haven’t thought of any other places to put it yet. I’m pretty crap at keeping up with my forum memberships so I’ll have to make the rounds and remind people I’m alive. XD

But for now, it’s back to work!! Go go go go!!!

Updaaattee!! :D

I haven’t posted here yet that Gods on the Grey City had been updated and it has been accepted by the Web Fiction Guide so it can be voted upon. The link to vote for it is at the bottom of the page at Web Fiction and a voting link will be up at ATQM very soon. ^_^

Tonight I will be typing up the anthology entry. I have one smutty scene to add to it (the query is for erotic, lesbian steampunk so that’s what I’ll do) and it’s ready for a final edit. I’m anxious to send the query letter out so I’ll either know I’ll be in the anthology, or if I can just post it as a side story to what I have up already. I haven’t even queried and I’m on pins and needles here. @_@

If you like the story, please vote and vote every day. Some blogs out there give reviews on the top 10 or top 5 and I could sure use the exposure. Don’t make the Lenni beg. It’s not pretty. XD