Today’s Run: They got the Crown Jewels!

Today I ran the training mission for this month’s virtual 5k! I finished the first mile in 14:30! But after that, my back started really hurting me from moving that dresser/closet out of my kid’s room the day before yesterday. I can’t exactly remember what the second mile was (I need to put a notepad in the gym…) but the second mile was faster than my last run.

It seems 3.7MPH is still a struggle for me but I gotta push through it. I shouldn’t expect a difference in my stamina so fast but I’m betting my aching back had an impact.

Now, as for food:


At my kid’s request, I made a tray of lasagna and we’ve been nibbling off that since last night. It may not be pretty, but man, is it just amazing comfort food. The best is when I’d take a bite and catch a bit of chopped, roasted garlic.

And I didn’t forget about the “Japanese” soup I made the other day. I wrote down the steps and took in progress pictures so I will post what I did to make it soon.

This week made me tired. And not just from moving furniture! But I have 4 miles left to go this week! Gotta log ’em in!

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Today’s Run: 2 outta 3…


I upped my speed as planned and I finished my first mile in 15:03!! I hit mile two at about 30:10. However, I was flagging in that third ten-minute stretch. I only made it to 7 minutes before I had to slow it down. But hey, that’s what it was like when I bumped up my speed the first time.

My heart rate was up, I maxed out my reps, and I am feeling pretty damn proud of myself! I’m sure in a couple weeks, this speed will be as easy for me as 3.5. I’m betting the weight loss I’ve had has helped me so far and this push will help me lose more so I can get to where I want to be.

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Today’s Run: It may be time to push it…


I seem to be keeping my pace around fifteen minutes all the time and I’m not feeling as run down after. This obviously means I need to push myself a little harder.

I’m thinking I’ll keep the Run to Ten thing and just up my speed from 3.5 to 3.7. The last time I upped my speed a few weeks ago, I went from 3.2 to 3.5. It may not seem like much when you look at it but it shaved two minutes off my mile once I got used to it. And the whole point for me is to complete my miles faster so a 5k doesn’t take me an hour. That way starting to train for a 10k won’t seem so impossible.

As for food, I made pulled pork over the weekend and I’ve been nibbling at it. Super salty but so worth it!

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Today’s Run: It sucked.


Between my back aching and my head pounding, I didn’t want to bother at all today. But I did it anyway.

Part of this journey is understanding there are some days that you won’t want to workout, you won’t even want to move and those days aren’t about breaking a record; they’re about just moving. I was all cramped up, had a splitting headache, backache… And I got on the damn treadmill and moved my ass.

That’s why this run is a supply mission and not a story mission.

The entire run was just one big blech. Next time will be better!

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Today’s Run: They’re not all diamonds…


Today didn’t feel very awesome but it still felt good to run and get those muscles working. And I’m getting closer to my first mile being under 15 minutes! 😀

The big news today is I lost another pound! I am at 215 now and, as usual, I completely forgot to have pen and paper on me when I stood on my fancy scale that takes my water and bone mass, and muscle, and all that jazz. Maybe next week but WOOHOO!! That’s five pounds down and twenty-five to go towards my goal.

I really do wonder what my little surprise was from Runner 8…

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Today’s Run: Cue the song…


Today was one of those runs where even through the sweat and aching, you end it feeling invigorated and awesome!



Other than my posture belt straps getting all messed up and me having to slow down to fiddle with them, I was on pace, my knees didn’t even so much as twinge, and I didn’t have a single cramp. Either I’m getting stronger or I have done something to please the running gods (are there running gods? If there aren’t, there should be).

Food again was kinda boring today. Toast for breakfast, salad for lunch, chicken wings for dinner. Maybe it was the pasta I had yesterday or the protein I ate 30 minutes before my run but today was a great day. 🙂

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Today’s Run: Run to Ten


I run intervals without a timer so I walk a minute, run to 9 minutes to the 10-minute mark, walk a minute, then run to 20 minutes. When I’m on the treadmill psyching myself up to keep going, I think “Run to ten, Lenni. Run to ten.” As in an interval of ten.

Today, I did it three times! In the past, I had to take a break at the 5-minute mark in the third ten but today I powered through! That fourth ten is still tough for now but all this work on my endurance is working! Even with having to take a break to shovel this week.

Hello, Spring? Paging Spring? Ostara happened so, where the heck are you?

Today is a great sign! I hope this means next month’s virtual race will set a new personal best for me!

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Today’s Run: Channeling Grunkle Stan


Today’s run made me feel old.

“Another day, Another random body pain.”

I dunno what the fudge was goin’ on but my right knee was pissed off! I finished the mission but I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t have extra walk breaks this time.

Overall, the rest of my body felt completely fine. My back doesn’t hurt, my muscles aren’t cramping, it’s just that damn knee.

Also, I skipped the sweaty selfie because I jumped right in the shower to get into writing mode and no food because I pretty much ate the same thing I usually eat; salad, meat, cheese, etc… Kinda boring but a reliable go to for my meals.

Tomorrow’s run will be shorter to spare my knees (unless they feel better). I will have to mine the cupboards to see what I can make that’s more interesting than just a salad.

Even though I like salad…

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Today’s Run: Hit My Weekly Goal!


I tried three times and for some reason, the app kept reloading the Canada mission… Ah well. I like that one. It has crazy Margaret Atwood in it.

I am liking the idea of posting to the blog every time I do a run. I honestly feel like I NEED to make sure I run because I don’t want to skip too many days of posting.

Saturday I took a rest day… Well, less of a rest day and more of a took-my-car-in-and-was-stuck-doing-that-all-day… Day. And it cost me $900!

Thanks, fucking asshole potholes in all the damn streets!

Anyways, as the title states, this is the run that put me over my 10 mile a week goal. I use Google Fit’s measurements; which go from Monday to Sunday rather than Sunday to Saturday. Oddly enough, my knee started randomly bothering me. I just took it easy and finished the run very carefully.

I can tell my speed is increasing since it’s taking me less and less time to get to 2 miles. However, I still feel dead on my feet around 2.5 miles; making getting to 3.11 or 6 miles feel as if they might as well be a million miles. I know the adage is “your race, your time” but I don’t want to take so long to run 3 miles and I would like to spend less time walking.

I can tell my endurance is better from a couple weeks ago. I just need to be patient.

As for my food today? No pics. I had Wendy’s. Today was a #fuckthediet day.

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Today’s Run: Season 3 Begins!

Yesterday I woke up feeling like absolute crap. I got the kid to school and went back to bed for a nap before I went to work. Today, I made it up.


I may have been slower today but I was able to stay at 3.4 miles per hour and stay there for 10 minutes without feeling like I was going to die. All that training is paying off and I LOVE it.

I also have to report that I may have gained a couple pounds (somehow I crept up to 221!?!?) but I am back down to 217.8. I am losing about 2 pounds a week which is exactly what I wanted! My fancy scale also shows my muscle going up!

No pics of that because I was tired and fuck it. Maybe next time.

As for my food today, I went for a bagel for my late breakfast but I cooked dinner:


I really should write shit down when I cook it but I am a true kitchen witch; I add shit to the pot and smell and taste as I go without measuring.

This is basically sliced some garlic and ginger and threw it in a pot with some butter. I let those cook and before they could get brown, I added the sliced chicken. While that cooked over a low flame, I sliced up half of an onion and threw that in there. That cooked while I sliced up the bok choy. When the chicken was mostly cooked, I poured in some mirin and soy sauce, stirred it up, then poured in about 4 cups of chicken broth. Simmered for 5 minutes, added udon noodles. Let them cook for 10 minutes, then added the white parts of the bok choy. 2 minutes later I added the green parts, put it all in bowls, and sprinkled some red pepper flakes on top.

This is truly the essence of “I made this shit up” cooking.

Every so often I think I should video myself cooking and have someone who is an actual professional reason out what the hell I did but then I would have to be on video and hear the worst dregs of any YouTube comments section so… No.

That may account for only two meals today but if I am presented with a chance to sleep in, I will do it. I don’t care if I miss a meal. One of these days, I’ll post a timeline of how a typical day of mine is like for a day so you guys can see how I would nab any sleep I can.

I am pleased with today! I haven’t knuckled down to write yet but I always write better on days I workout. I’ll get to that later.

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