Saturday Off?

I may be off from Dayjob, but I can’t sit idle. Even when I’m doing nothing, I’m doing SOMETHING. So far, I’ve cleaned a little, basked in the glory of typing up two short stories last night, started knitting the sleeves for that baby sweater, and took my friend’s dog for a nice long walk with my kid. It’s a scary thing to watch how much a young dog and a 4 year old seem to understand each other without even trying. XD

The two stories I finished I sent off towards my Devious Plan. >:}

As for the rest of my day, I’ll get back on the Wii (since the dog walking was more of the dog walking me) and more knitting and writing.

Yeah, I have no life. :p

Back in the saddle…

I really did terrible things on Thanksgiving. Although I made healthy dishes, I still felt like I overdid it. To make up for it, I got on the Wii today and will really try to get on it for 30 minutes every day.

I have also been making my word goals! 😀 I am very excited about that last part because I am back to working on Greenhouse and progress there needed to be made. Badly. =_=

Since the night is young, and I am actually off on a Saturday where I don’t have a mountain of laundry climbing up the wall (how much clothing to these people need to wear!!??) I will stay up as late as these old bones will allow and type up the last two short stories I’ve finished. Tomorrow, I will work on that baby sweater that is straight up haunting my dreams at his point, and do more typing if time allows. 🙂

It feels good to be this busy but to actually cross things off the to do list. 😉



Happy Columbus Day! Now, get the eff to work…

Image: Paul /

I proclaim today that for every person who calls us and asks us if we’re open today, I get ten bucks. T_T

Anyway, in the flurry that was this weekend, I did NOT get even half of what I wanted done finished. But seeing as how I can stand without feeling light headed or nauseous, I’m calling it a win.

I try to greet every Monday as a chance for a fresh start and aim to get to Friday with a list of accomplishments. On the list for this week is to get to Friday. >_< Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad. XD

This week is NYCC, and I will be attending as a guest. I’m not such hot shit that I get a booth or have anyone know my name or anything… But I will be there this Thursday all day milling around and being one of the coolest librarians on the planet. 😉 I’ll make sure to take pictures of all the swag I get (free and non-free) and of actual famous people that I see.

Also, I will get back on the Wii now that I’m sure I won’t fall off the thing. I didn’t wanna risk it while I was sick. Either way, I’m healthy(-ish) and back in the saddle!

Wii fit 30 Day Challenge – Day One

I say 30 days but on days that I work till 9pm, I will obviously have no time to hop on the Wii but hey, I’ll give it my best shot.

I got the Wii board synched and tried this sucker out last night. Holy hell, I am sore. Not P90x sore (that is a WHOLE nother animal) but I can tell I got a workout. I didn’t set up the Mii before diving right in to the thing so my first day is not registered under my profile. But whatever. I still did 30 minutes yesterday. 🙂 My favorite activity so far is the hullahoop challenge. I feel like an ass but hey, it works.

I’m back with the workouts again because I noticed my weight creeping up back over 200 and the treadmill makes noises that I’m SURE aren’t safe. 0.0 I just don’t feel healthy and I aims ta fix that!

I’ll try to update everyday but likely, I’ll forget. XD

Today I’m working at the library but I’ve been writing. A lot. Since Dreamhunter has been out for almost a year, I’m thinking of starting to post preview chapters of the sequel soon. Thoughts? Demands? Shameless pleading? 😉