Writing Update

Where once I was concerned with keeping my stories short, I have spent the weekend battling with this anthology submission in order to get it to the minimum word count. In two very long days, I took the story from ~1,200 words to ~4,300 words. And I’m stopping there.

For me, this is another nuance in the lesson on giving up. There are times were you just have to stop. I also apply this concept to my sketching; there is a certain point in the process where you start to screw up the work while trying to fix it. At that point, it’s best to put the pen or pencil (or keyboard) down and step the hell away before you ruin it. I would rather be 700 words short and have a good story (that may be accepted on its own merit despite the word count) than make the word count and have a crappy story (that will either be rejected outright or the editor will ask me to cut it down).

After a final typo crawl, I will be sending this one in, hopefully tonight. As always, I will return to share my triumph or my crushing defeat. 😉

However, there is no rest for the wicked. I have already brainstormed my next submission and I’m back to working with my steampunk gals, who I have missed terribly. No, I have not been editing the next First Brood book. You can yell at me if you want. I kinda deserve it. :p

Revisiting Daily Word Goals.

I’ve been made an offer to be a writer for an up and coming company. I would have flexible due dates, work with my friend, and be able to write whatever my sick little heart desires all why STILL being able to be a librarian. However, I am a little nervous about being able to keep up with what I know will be a demanding schedule.
I’d given up on my daily word goals before thinking the words will come when it is time for them to come which results in sometimes not writing anything but journal entries and shopping list. 9_9 Now, I can’t play anymore. Time to go back to trying to write 1000 words a day! No mercy! No surrender! No Internetz! XD

Yeeahh, that’ll work… :p


Oh consarnit…

Here I was thinking LoudTwitter was working while I was neglecting my blog, but noooOOOooo… T_T

Anyways, to catch up, the edits on "Dreamhunter" are done and the text has gone to the right people. ^_^ Including some cover art from the lovely and talented . No previews of the art till I’m sure it’ll really be on the book.

Let us all cross our fingers and toes, shall we?

In the mean time, I have resumed work on "Greenhouse," as well as several other projects. I have been doing a very good job of keeping up with my quota despite my ever evolving workout schedule and my new addiction to Mad Men. XD

Till later!