Yarn Debt Progress

As I clean up and clean out, I still have a bunch of yarn floating around. Luckily, people are still asking me to make things for them, despite it taking me fucking forever to make these, I am still going along with my plan to pay all of what I have termed “yarn debts” to people who’ve made requests of me.

Here is the progress I’ve made so far an another baby blanket:


It’s slow going but I’m happy with the results. I have some washcloths I want to make to match these colors before I mail them out.

After this, more of the stuff I make will either go up into my shop or eBay if you’re in the market for such things. I love making these but there’s only so many things I can use for myself. No matter how much I may wanna keep them.

Thursday Threads – Finished Scarf!


It’s finally done! 😀 I made this scarf for my little demon seed. I started it when she was just a little mush ball. For some perspective, she’s 6 now.

See why I’m making an effort to clear my yarn debts?

Next up is a baby blanket for my cousin’s baby girl. Hopefully, that will be finished before she’s a teenager. :p

Paying off my debts.

A funny thing happens to people when they find out you can do a thing. All of a sudden, everybody wants you to do it for them. And since I’m a people pleaser (me and my shrink are working on that) I keep agreeing to make things for people. This has resulted in what I have called “Yarn Debts.”  I can only crochet or knit at a certain speed but I would still like to get things done so I could finally let go of my guilt.

Here are the projects I’m trying to finish:

IMG_3280A scarf for the Demon Seed.

IMG_3281A baby blanket for my cousin’s daughter.

IMG_3282 A scarf for Misfitlibrarian.

This is the progress I’ve made so far and I’ve been working diligently on these before I start anything new. Much like writing more than one story at a time, I am trying to finish what’s started before starting anything else. :p

Till my tendinitis flares up. Then you all get to frigging wait because that shit hurts. >_<