Finally Watched It: Yuri!! On Ice

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After everyone and their mother as talked about this, I have finally plunked my ass down and watched it. If you haven’t heard, this anime is about an ice skater named Yuuri Katsuki who returns to the sport after bending under the pressure at a competition and feeling he let everyone down. He goes home and his friend’s kids record Yuri doing a routine his idol, Victor Nikiforov, made famous. The video ends up going viral and Victor decides to become Yuuri’s coach to get him back into skating.

Following Yuuri’s journey in the world of competitive men’s skating not only is engaging, but educational; as I had NO clue about the ins and outs of the sport before I watched this. When I went to the panel, people said they had become so interested in the sport after watching this show, they started taking lessons! That’s pretty cool!

But to stay on point, one of my favorite parts of this show is with all those men in the cast of characters, they don’t fall into the trope of trying to destroy each other in trying to succeed. They all just try to do their absolute best to win by working hard. Hell, they even hang out together! And since this is as yaoi as a show can get without being overt with it, I am also glad that the female characters are not all bitches for absolutely no reason than the fact it’s a trope. If anything, a good chunk of this cast is almost too kind for their own good.

The animation is fucking glorious! The motion capture for the skating is perfection and the voice acting is on point. If I had any real complaint, it’s that there isn’t more of this for me to binge since I just want to spend more time with these characters. This anime is just fun and I look forward to the next season.

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BishounenCon 2017!

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This year was the first time this event took place and it was very obvious. Vendors and artists alley in the same room, tiny little panel rooms and such… Very small but let me tell you, I have never felt so much love at a convention before. All the authors, vendors, artists, and other attendees were kind, funny, and so amazingly understanding. And I say understanding because I walked into the Yuri!! On Ice panel and was very likely the only one in the room who never saw the show. I came there to see what it was about and everyone was excited to share.

The same could be said for the author panels (which, I attended for obvious reasons) where I learned a great deal about tropes in LGBTQ fiction and how to represent a wider range of characters.

I also got some swag, of course:


I will be reviewing these books, of course. And those first two books are signed! 😀

If this con keeps going (PLEASE DO) next time, I would make a weekend out of it. I ended up having to miss panels I really wanted to see because I didn’t want to be driving back home at 1 am. People get stupid on highways normally so add dark and bridges to that and NOPE. Lenni would rather not, thanks.

Overall, I learned a lot, I met some fun people, I gave out a bunch of cards, and I have some fun books to review. I would love to attend next year and I hope it was successful enough to warrant a yearly event.

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