Lenni Reviews: Gra Mo Chroi by Katey Hawthorne

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Happy St. Patrick’s day! 😀 Since I’m sadly sober, I figured I’d review a suitably themed story I’ve had on my Kindle for some time. This story was downloaded for free from All Romance Ebooks.

A short story taken from a larger series called Superpowered Love. I know fuck all about this series so I will be reviewing this story as a standalone.

As new parents; Kellan and Jamie Monday are chronically tired and in dire need of a night out. But, when their promised sitter ends up sick, they try to find a way to get some rest and have some fun in the face of teething twins.

This is a sweet and smutty slice of life about parents of twins who FINALLY get a moment to themselves. It can kinda stand alone; seeing as how the way the characters interact with each other establishes all the relationships pretty well. The sex scene is 90% of the book so if some M/M smexy times is what you want, that’s totally what you’ll get. But man, is it ever a flashback to when my kid was a baby. I felt exhausted on their behalf.

I’d give this story a 3.75 because everything s worked out a little too perfectly but it was really cute and it made me smile. Have a pint on me and enjoy this little story.

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