Lenni Reviews: “An Oral Fixation” by Piper Vaughn

I got this little short read for free on All Romance Ebooks.

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Quinn has been in love with Cooper for-the-ever and for the first time in years, Cooper is finally single. On a road trip over Spring Break, Quinn is finally ready to make his move but finds unexpected results.

Yeah, the results are totally expected. This short little story is the classic “we’ve been in love secretly but keep missing each other” trope complete with a steamy and sappy ending. That doesn’t mean this story isn’t good; it is simply typical and ultimately forgettable. But, I gotta say, Vaughn gets to the point, makes it, then wraps it up in a neat little bow without wasting too much time. I’d give this short story a 3.5 out of 5 because while typical, it’s a fun read if you are into M/M romance but wanna read something quick.

This story does have a hot love scene so if you want a clean story, look elsewhere.

**Note: Yup, this is the same format that I use over at O&G. But I was not sent this book by a publisher, I just bought it. That’s why I’m reviewing it here instead.**

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