Lenni Reviews: Highland Moon by Mac Flynn

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A young woman named Muria will be starting work as a servant in Castle Campbell, the home of their laird. After her family lost their father, Muria’s family is in dire need of the funds. Despite the condition she must live at the castle and her family will miss her dearly, she is excited about her future. Of course on the way, she is accosted by some smarmy guys and Muria is saved by a mysterious cloaked man who insists on escorting her to the castle. Once there, she is put to work immediately and hears all the juicy gossip of mysterious noises and forbidden parts of the castle. True to form, ‘forbidden’ means ‘I’m gonna do there’ to Muria and she starts learning some saucy lessons at night.

While this short part is written pretty well, it is REALLY short; more of the first part of a longer novel that was chopped up and published episodically. That type of format can work but the end of this part is more like hitting a brick wall rather than pausing at a corner to be turned. It was jarring enough for me to feel guiltless for not bothering to search out the next one.

I give this a 3 out of 5 for being written well but too abrupt and end.

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