Lenni Reviews: “His Omega” by A. C. Katt

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**I purchased this book for free from All Romance Ebooks.**

Sean Quinn is having a tough go of it these days. Not only did his abusive drunkard of a father toss him out for being gay; leaving him homeless and desperate enough to consider selling his body for money, his best friend, Leroy, is stabbed and killed trying to protect Sean. In trying to escape the killer, Sean barrels into the car of Armand La Marche; local Alpha to the North American werewolf counsel. Recognizing Sean has his mate, Armand takes the boy in and vows to keep him save from the murderer.

As fun as this concept is, the characters in it don’t so much as talk or have conversations so much as dump exposition; so all the dialogue comes off as stilted or unnatural. If done well, large amounts of story laden dialogue can be interesting but here, it feels like a lecture. There are some questionable word choices (using ‘gut wrenching’ to describe what I’m assuming is a pleasurable kiss doesn’t sound quite right) and multiple typos made is difficult to get through the book. It’s a shame too because the set up is interesting but the characters and writing are so flat and bland, I gotta give this one a 2 out of 5.

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