Lenni Reviews: “Devil’s Line” vol 1 by Ryo Hanada

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Tsukasa is attacked by a vampire on her way home from college and is saved by half vampire, Anzai. Anzai works for an organization that hunts and captures vampires that break the rules and tries to reform them. After saving her once, Anzai becomes attached to Tsukasa; continuing to watch over her but his lust for blood tests his constantly fraying control. Could his attachment to Tsukasa be the undoing of his vow not to drink from humans?

One thing I noticed immediately is the rating (13+) and the naked boobs. There’s no overt sex to get a full on M rating but maybe a little higher? 16+ perhaps?

As for the story, Anzai and Tsukasa are cute enough but the plot doesn’t really kick start until the last third of the volume with this other organization wanting to exterminate all vampires no matter what. So far, this first volume hits all the common manga tropes; including the instantly in love for no reason thing. And I was a little surprised at how light the tone is. Based on the premise and the cover art, I expected this manga to be much darker. We’ll have to see if it gets darker as the series goes on but an ok start.

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