Lenni Reviews: “Your Lie in April” vol 9 by Naoshi Arakawa

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With Kaori’s offer to kill himself with her still on his mind, Kosei is still tying to focus on teaching Nagi and prepping to perform with her at a school festival. But Nagi is feeling the pressure of so many people around her expecting perfection.

The pressure on these kids is just heartbreaking and the fact that so few adults are as supportive as they could be drives me crazy. Even Nagi’s mother just sort of clutches her pearls and says “Gee, I hope she’s not pushing herself too hard.” Yeah, but don’t DO or SAY anything to her. She’s just your kid. UGH!! But despite the pressure and stress, just playing makes Kosei and Nagi happy and that was awesome.

But Kaori? Fucking really, kid!? “Hey, come die with me! LOL JK!” I wanted to smack her. I really wish Kosei would tell her about his mom so she won’t make jokes like that. Kosei needs supportive friends who can help him deal with that pain; not suicide jokes. I hope Kosei continues to move forward but I am still not too happy with Kaori.

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