Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi-Human” vol 3 by Gamon Sakurai

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With Kei’s escape, Tosaki’s in deep trouble for letting that sample get away. And now, with video of what Tosaki’s organization does to captive demi-humans, other demi-humans are gathering together to strike back. Tosaki seems to have gone rogue and – of course – has deeply personal reasons for wanting to hunt down demi-humans at any cost.

Even through this volume, I’m liking Kei’s attitude. He’s not sure if helping others is worth it and he learned the hard way that just because someone offers to help you, it doesn’t mean they’re not in it for their own self-interest.

And learning more about Kei as a child makes me wonder if he will continue to be like a snowflake in a storm or take some control over his fate. I’d like to see him be more proactive.

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