Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi-Human” vol 5 Gamon Sakurai

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After Sato’s horrific terrorist attack, it’s all out war between the humans and demi-humans. Now that the world sees demi-humans as violent minsters, Kei is forced from his safe haven and back into the fray.

Despite how much of an asshole Kei is, I can’t fault him for doing whatever it took to keep from being maimed, tested on, or hunted. Thanks to Sato, nobody believes a demi-human is anything other than a monster out to kill everyone. So, Kei teams up with Ko; the guy he locked in a truck last volume, to find allies to fight Sato and his terrorist group.

This volume starts giving us a few answers but still leaves you wanting more. I’m looking forward to see how Kei will develop as things get worse.

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