Lenni Reviews: “Yona of the Dawn” vol 2 by Mizuho Kusanagi

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Hak and Yona seek shelter in Hak’s homeland with the Wind Tribe. Pretending to be a lady-in-waiting, Yona lives in hiding and receives news that Su-won may take her father’s place on the throne. Hak’s adoptive father; leader of the Wind Tribe, is the only one who doe not support Su-won and thus their entire tribe becomes a target.

Yona, again, proves herself to be a determined and brave person. She’s not a warrior but not a damsel either. Yona is coming to terms with her fugitive status and taking as active a role as she can in her own protection. And of course there’s a forming romance between Hak and Yona. This is shoujo . You can see that coming a mile away.

What annoys me is Su-won. Not to be too spoilery but if he had the option to marry Yona and become king that way, why take the revenge track only to sit later and regret having to lose Yona and Hak as friends? Or risk their lives at all? The trope of hollow revenge and ‘I didn’t mean for it to go this far’ thing irks me. You murdered a monarch and took over the kingdom. What did you expect? Unicorns? Sigh…

Other than that, still a good manga. I have the third one on deck so expect a review of that soon. This volume comes out October 4th, 2016.

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