Lenni Reviews: “Preacher” vol 7 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

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Managing to survive a nuclear blast, Jessie heals up but finds Tulip and Cassidy have hooked up; believing Jessie is dead. Broken hearted, Jessie holds up in a little town called Salvation that’s under the sway of a wackjob named Odin Quincannon. Taking the mantle fo sheriff, Jessie mends his broken heart by doing what he does best, kick asses.

This volume had me cracking up. Of course, Odin is a racist pervert! Of course, Odin’s secretary is a Nazi dominatrix! Of course, there’s an adorable dog (who better have plot armor because he’s precious)! To expect anything else from this series would not make any sense.

Out of the entire series so far, I think this volume had the best pacing, writing, and art. I love how the creators keep topping themselves in quality.

And I got to see a character look at a burning cross, scowl in annoyance, then piss on it to put the fire out. An absolute hilariously wrong story that I am having a ball reading. I highly recommend this series if you are not easily offended.

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