Lenni Reviews: “Preacher” vol 9 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

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In this last volume, Starr makes a final play at Jessie and Jessie takes Cassidy out to teach him a lesson the only way the good reverend knows how: beating the shit outta him.

As final volumes go, I think this was the right way to wrap things up. As cool as an epic showdown between Jessie/Genesis and God would be, God (as a character in this book so if you’re already flipping your “I’m offended” switch, turn that shit back off) is pretty cowardly. I can’t seem him doing battle when the entire plot of this was started because God quit and was fleeing Genesis to avoid confrontation.

To give a slightly spoiler free recap, Cassidy gets his redemption and Tulip and Jessie get their lives back. Despite it being a satisfying conclusion, I’m gonna miss this series. It was one hell of a ride (no pun intended) and yes, I will be checking out the TV show.

And good on you, Arseface. Finally got a bit of happiness.

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