Lenni Reviews: “Harbinger” vol 4 by Joshua Dysart, Barry Kitson, Clayton Henry, and Ian Hannin.

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In this volume, our team is under the mental sway of Harada and his people in order to keep them docile enough to travel. As they try to break free, we are taken through various fantasy worlds, meet another little girl with some really funny powers, and learn who and what Harada really is.

This volume was a perfect way to take a break and keep the plot going at the same time. I also LOVE the idea of a little girl, Monica,  having the ability to bring her drawings to life. I think she needs a spinoff series starring that samurai kitty she made.

I like this series and I’m glad it’s been going pretty strong at this point despite the random fantasy stuff in the dream construct… thing… These are all still awesome, likeable characters. I think Harada’s arch is interesting so far but I am curious to see what they will do with him from now on.

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