Lenni Reviews: “Harbinger” vol 6 by Joshua Dysart, Clayton Henry, Khari Evans, Brian Reber.

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Harada has dropped all pretense and declares himself the only person who can possibly lead humanity the right way. The Renegades are split up, Kris has been arrested, and Peter spends his time in a drugged up stupor. People opposed to Harada are desperately trying to find Peter so Harada can finally be defeated.

We also learn the origins of The Bleeding Monk, who I hope makes a return when this story picks up in the series Imperium. All the story threads are NOT wrapped up in this final volume of Harbinger as it ends with Kris still in jail, Harada thinking himself a god, and Peter refusing to do anything other than pop pills. Overall, a great series; very close to a 5 out of 5.

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