Lenni Reviews: “Devils’ Line” vol 2 by Ryo Hanada


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With Zero Seven’s organization working behind the scenes, they engineer a public devil attack to expose the existence of devils and cause a panic. Anzai and his group try to deal with the fallout and we are also introduced to a new character; Hans Lee: another half devil who befriends Tsukasa.

The competing organizations had to collide sooner or later but in the meantime, slashing someone on live TV to incite a vampire attack innocent people was a dick move that is sure to backfire.

We also learn that Hanz and Anzai were both half-breed orphans from the same orphanage; ONLO: Obihiro National Laboratory’s Orphanage. From the few flashbacks we’ve seen, it doesn’t look like a very nice place.

This series has an interesting setup and story so far but as far as the romance between Anzai and Tsukasa goes, it’s forgettable in comparison. It’s ok and all but everything else around it is SO much more entertaining. Overall 3.7 out of 5.

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