Lenni Reviews: “A Girl on the Shore” by Inio Asano

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*This book is rated 18+

Ok, first off: this manga is pretty damn graphic and I am SO squicked out by that given that these are high school kids.

Sato has a crush on Misaki; the class playboy. When he offers to hang out with her, Misaki uses her and tosses her aside. Obviously hurt, Sato hooks up with Isobe; who actually likes her. Isobe offers himself up to her so use him so they have a purely sexual relationship but the longer it goes on, the more serious and complicated it becomes.

This is a pretty nihilistic book about kids trying to learn who they are in a sleepy town where nothing much really happens. They meander and float through life just like floating on a sea current and not having any plan where to go. It is absolutely a downer and can get gross in some parts but… OMFG they are so young and the graphic nature of this made me REALLY uncomfortable. I know the legal age in Japan is different (thirteen) but ew, ew, EW! I could have gone along in life quite happily without this burned into my eyes. I give this a 3 out of 5 and please pass the Brain Bleach.

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