Lenni Reviews: “Frostbitten Hearts” by Arial Burnz

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*I got this book for free and it’s rated for 18+

Jack and Aideen are prisoners in a nursery run by vampires and need to breed so the vampires can use the powers from their blood and get them to breed a spirit elemental to overthrow a tyrant king. Jack organizes an escape but Aideen gets left behind.

First off, 11% in and they drop the little gem of “since the age of fourteen, he’d been forced to bed each female in the nursery who was of child-bearing years.” That’s a pretty squiky little gem to have in your supernatural erotica romp. I had to mentally delete that information to get through the rest of this.

This story is supposed to be a stand alone but it’s painfully obvious this comes from a larger universe and would be better understood if you read the other books. Despite how original the world it, the expositional elements meant to get this story to be separate end up feeling terribly clunky. The ideas are there; separated lovers trying to get back together in the face of slavery and magic but reading it was like watching a TV show or movie on fast forward where you can hear things, see things, but not process things or get invested. All in all, it’s just OK. 3 out of 5.

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