Lenni Reviews: “Devils’ Line” vol 4 by Ryo Hanada

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Zero Seven escapes from Anzai and his comrades and takes Tsukasa hostage to ensure she can get away. However, Zero Seven’s interest is only in saving her friend, Zero Nine, from the agency that betrayed her: the Chosen Civil Community. Zero Seven tells Tsukasa there’s a spy in Division 5 who will kill her to keep his secret. But Anzai is on the way to rescue her despite his fraying control of his bloodthirsty nature.

The most interesting things for me in this volume are Zero Seven’s story arc and the R2PC: Redeye’s Rights Protection Committee. It is interesting that the devils have someone advocating for them. However, I am getting nervous about how many different organizations all competing in this series. I have the feeling I’m going to get them all mixed up if they add any more.

I’m still gonna keep reading, though. I want the low down on Anzai’s infamous father and the ONLO orphanage. This deep into the series and I’m still curious and entertained. Good stuff.

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