Book Expo/Book Con Swag

I know everyone was just DYING to know what I got from these events so, here’s a list of every book I picked up:

  1. The Invasion of Heaven by Michael B. Koep
  2. Leaves of Fire by Michael B. Koep
  3. The Bone of the Earth by Rachael Dunne
  4. The Curse of the Werck Family: The Battle Between Love and Hate by Valéria Lopes
  5. If the Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss
  6. Wicked Bugs: The Meanest, Deadliest, Grossest Bugs on Earth by Amy Stewart and Briony Morrow-Cribbs
  7. Why the Rich are Getting Richer by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  8. L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 33 by Robert J. Sawyer and Anne McCaffrey
  9. Battlefield Earth 21st Century Edition by L. Ron Hubbard
  10. Summer on Sunset Ridge by Sharlene MacLaren
  11. Sleep like a Baby by Charlaine Harris
  12. The Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens
  13. Zero Repeat Forever (The Nahx Invasions Book 1) by G. S. Prendergast
  14. Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds
  15. Surpassing Uncertainty: What My Twenties Taught Me by Janet Mock
  16. A Choice to Yield by Laurence Cook
  17. Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield
  18. A Cyber Affair: The Online Search for Mr. Right by Lonz Cook
  19. The Eternity Elixir (Potion Masters) by Frank L. Cole
  20. The Notations of Cooper Cameron by Jane O’Reilly
  21. The Town of Jasper by James Gianetti
  22. Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic by Armand Baltazar
  23. Under a Pole Star by Stef Penney
  24. The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo and Sara Kipin
  25. The Deep Dark Descending by Allen Eskens
  26. The Extra Woman: How Marjorie Hillis Led a Generation of Women to Live Alone and Like It by Joanna Scutts
  27. Saturdays with Hitchcock by Ellen Wittlinger
  28. Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle
  29. Falcon Wild by Terry Lynn Johnson
  30. The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
  31. Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak
  32. Writer, The Shaping of Popular Fiction: L. Ron Hubbard Series, Writer (The L. Ron Hubbard Series, The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia) by Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard
  33. M.F.K Book One by Nilah Magruder

Why are none of these linked? Because not all of them have something to link to so, fuck it. It’s just a big ass list.

I have mysteries, historical romance, contemporary romance, non-fiction, YA, science fiction; you name it. I basically took every free book they waved in front of my face and worried about what kind of book it was later. I’m not sure I’ll review ALL of them but I sure will review most of them.

But you can see why my shoulders were KILLING me by the fourth day of gathering these.

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