Lenni Reviews: “The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga” by Gengoroh Tagame and Chip Kidd

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After reading My Brother’s Husband, I decided to give a look into Tagame’s other works. I thought I would find more things as sweet and ‘dawww‘ worthy as that book. What I found was decidedly different. And by ‘different’ I mean hardcore porn. There’s just wang and butts everywhere.

This book is a collection Tagame’s short comics from various publications. It includes:

  • Hairy Oracle
  • Arena
  • Exorcism
  • Country Doctor
  • Standing Ovations
  • Missing
  • Class Act

These stories range from sweet but xxx rated to flat out S&M bondage and rape. Each story does come with some commentary from the creator about the story; which was very interesting to read. It puts each one in some context. I did notice that the one story closest to what I would call a romance (Hairy Oracle) was the one written specifically for a women’s publication as opposed to the more graphic stories containing non-con.

As shocked as I was, I liked seeing different body types and a unique art style. Most yaoi features whispy pretty bois but the men here are bulky and hairy (similar to a bear). I refuse to judge this by my own tastes concerning smut like this because everyone has their kink and these comics are targeted to a very specific audience. While I personally have some issues with rape fetishes (gay, straight, or otherwise), and I don’t care if its’ a spoiler but there’s some defication in this and I feel the need to warn potential readers; I can’t bash the book for that. It wouldn’t be fair to the work as a whole. I have to give this a solid 3.7 as a collection but I was MUCH more entranced by My Brother’s Husband.

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