Back to the Day Job!

Today is my first day back to the library and I it’s pretty cool to see how many people were glad to see me back. As much of a fantasy it is to stay at home and get paid to do nothing, I’d rather at least make good use of my existence and get back to work.

You would think that it would be surreal for me to be back after so long but after sorting through the piles of work left for me, I fell back into my grove without so much as a misstep.

As a librarian, I don’t have to lift or pull very much so I haven’t noticed any sort of strain around where my incisions were. Even after all these weeks there is still some soreness when I twist a certain way but I am mostly back to normal. I can eat regular food (even some spicy) and while I’m not running yet, I am power walking when I workout. I did ask around in some forums and they gave me some advice about wearing compression garments but I’m not sure I want to make the investment in them if I won’t be needing them in a couple weeks. Are they really worth it in the long run? Maybe? Since I’m uncertain, I haven’t bought them.

I am anxious to get back to running. I don’t to lose all that work I put in.

Another thing  I noticed post op is my appetite has gone down. I don’t think the doctor took out a large portion of my stomach (something I probably should have asked but didn’t think of it) but when I started to ease back into normal food, I made what I normally make and found myself with plenty of leftovers. I am NOT complaining; it is just something I noticed and maybe others noticed it too.

I lost 10 pounds when I was in the hospital and I plan to ride that momentum and lose more if I can. One of the things I had going for me in the first place is before the ulcer, I was healthy. I have perfect blood pressure, good cholesterol levels, I obviously workout (since I’ve been blithering on about it), and I like eating healthy foods (aside for the occasional indulgence). There’s never a good time to wind up with emergency surgery but keeping myself in good health was an absolute factor in my recovery. I was up and walking around much faster and I very rarely needed the pain killers they gave me (which is funny since it was painkillers that caused this in the first place…).

Since I am back at work, I will be resuming my workout schedule; albeit much less strenuous than before. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get back up to the pace I was before all this went down.

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