Today’s Run: This won’t end well…


And for my third run of the week, I really have to wonder why anyone in this doesn’t recognize zombies at this point. In the game’s timeline, they’re working on season 8! Any coughing, convulsing person should immediately be considered a zombie by now.

I do love that I’m into this enough to start complaining about the plot, though.

As for the actual running part of this, I don’t think I can handle three days in a row of running as the duration of the C210K workouts gets longer. I’m in week 6 now and although it is probably a good thing for me to be so aching and sore (since it means I’m working hard) it also means each subsequent run is worse in terms of my time and my form. I need a day off or some walking workouts or something…

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Today’s Run: Got me a ticket!


This is the first training mission for the 2019 Zombies Run Virtual Race and this heralds week 6 of C210K.

As the intervals get longer, I find myself trying to use my thighs and glutes instead of my calves to maintain form and speed. For the most part, it’s working but let me say I am completely immature and I give a little chuckle when I think to myself “Geez, my butt hurts” after a workout.

But I can tell things are changing because my weight is down to 217.8 and (despite being a little gross) I am noticing sagging skin on my inner thighs! Instead of thinking about skin surgery or anything, I’m just gonna redouble my bodyweight training and tighten things up that way.

And SO much cheaper than surgery. Maybe less painful.

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This week’s best run!


I managed to finish day 1 of week 12 on the first try! Here’s the mile by mile breakdown:

  • Mile 1 – 14:40
  • Mile 2 – 29:26
  • Mile 3 – 44:28
  • Mile 4 – 58:49

I wanted to make sure to get this week started because I have some very minor surgery next week that will keep me from running for at least a week. I have my stationary bike to keep in shape but since this is to remove a lipoma from my shoulder and you need shoulders to run, my dermatologist said no running until it’s healed.

Not to mention the stupid, annoying, uncomfortable lipoma is right on my shoulder where my bra strap sits. There’s no way I’ll be able to bear the thick, heavy sports bra strap until it’s healed.

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Today’s Run: Week 11 Completed!


I haven’t posted a run in a while mostly because I’ve been annoyed with myself for not finishing C210K. So, I got out of my own way and finished day three! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mile 1 – 14:56
  • Mile 2 – 29:49
  • Mile 3 – 44:47
  • Mile 4 – 59:20

I am still shocked by my ability to make it to 4 miles at all despite all the training I’ve been doing. I still usually crap out in the third interval but man, I powered through and finished it!

I have started using my old P90X DVDs as a cross training tool. I read blogs from other runners stating they’ve done the program and it did improve their overall running performance but I am not willing to stop running in order to do the full P90X program. I’m just replacing their cardio and yoga days with C210K.

Time will tell if that’s worth it.

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Today’s Run: Almost there…


Today turned out to be a kick ass day! The first interval I went at 3.2 mph, the second and 3.5 and the third at 3.2 again and my only extra break is when I slowed down to check and see if my app crashed because it repeated a scene twice and I was about to lose my shit because I lost an hour’s workout. I’m not counting that as a real break, though since it was only 10-15 seconds before I got back up to speed.

I am noticing a much faster recovery time after my workouts but I’m also noticing that now my body does not like to be still. As a librarian, my job is pretty sedentary and; as I’ve said before, now I get extra stiff if I don’t move around enough during the day. I have been incorporating more strength exercises during the week and I may have to stop using my desk bike as a clothes rack and actually get on it. I have this suspicion that spending my off days on the bike will help me as the runs get longer.

Week 11 is almost complete!

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Today’s Run: Earworm


Weel 11 day 2 didn’t go as well as day one. With 8 minutes left in the third interval, I hadda tap out and end the workout. I don’t feel too broken up about it considering I am still able to pass the 45-minute mark without feeling like I’m going to pass out or my legs are going to fall off. I’m not fast but my endurance and stamina are MUCH improved.

As for the earworm, I got this happy little note after my run today!


Woohoo!! Passed the 500-mile mark! Not bad for a person who once swore she would never run.

Post-workout, I noticed some very interesting muscle development in my legs; mostly above my knees this time. My thigh muscles are starting to get some real definition. If I can manage to slim down the fat, my legs will look amazing!

I am so excited at my overall progress. The weather is still shitty but I am looking forward to Spring so I can run outside again. I was put off by shitheads making comments or staring at me but honestly, I am surpassing what I ever thought I could do. Their words mean nothing.

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Today’s Run: OMFG, I Did It!!!!!


I have been struggling with the C210K and took some time off it to work on my endurance. Today, I decided to stop stalling and give week 11 day 1 a try. Although I did have to take an extra minute break on the third interval, I STILL COMPLETED THE ENTIRE WORKOUT.

I was honestly starting to think I would never complete the program and contemplated scrapping it and starting over. But I powered through!

Every part of me hurts, though.

I am going to have to take a “rest” day; meaning I do weights or abs instead of the treadmill. My knees need the day off but I want to make sure I continue to push myself.

Lesson learned: You can surprise yourself!

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Today’s Run: New Personal Best!


This run may not be a personal best for my pace or speed but I was able to stay at a jogging pace for a full THIRTY MINUTES. And by the end of the run, I didn’t feel too exhausted to do a proper cool down so all this work I’ve been putting in to increase my stamina are paying off!

All of this is working towards completing the C210K this year. Also, this isn’t my only run this week but this is the only run where I accomplished something different so I’m making a point to shamelessly brag about it.

Because I honestly was completely shocked I accomplished it.

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My only run this week: Goodbye…


This run was just to see how my speed was faring and while a struggle, it is much easier for me to get up to speed and stay there longer. I may not finish the c210k before the end of the year but I haven’t given up on it.

However, a farewell must be made:


Another pair of running pants has finally hit retirement age. RIP running pants…

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Today’s Run: Another race in the books!


Today I did two complete 15-minute intervals and felt completely ok to keep going. I think the practice is paying off! Not only that:


I completed Yes.Fit’s The Raven race! It took over a month but I did it! Another medal for the rack. I should take a picture of that soon but I have a couple more virtual races to finish and hang the medals for those. I’d like a wall full of bling!

Every time I finish a run, I remember when I would joke that I would only run if something was chasing me only to take up running with an app that tells a story about things chasing me.

I’m just happy my knees cooperated today!

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