Today’s Workout: Sticker Shock


I had a craving for the particular bagel with tuna from this one place by my job that has mayo-free lemon tuna that’s just delicious. And it gives me a chance to take a longer walk on my lunch break. But this time, instead of it being about $7-$8, it was $12. As much as I want to support small businesses, I literally can’t afford to spend $12 on a sandwich.

Since my birthday is coming up, I think I’m going to treat myself to a new bread maker (my current on is on it’s last legs) and make bagels at home when I want to have them. I have done it before and the dough setting on the machine saves my hands from getting sore and the ones I made tasted exactly like store bought. Maybe if I make the kind of money I need to be making with my books I can treat myself but in the meantime, I just can’t justify it.

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