Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi Human” vol 9 by Gamon Sakurai

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Sato’s killing spree continues as the assault on this supposedly high security building and Kei’s plan falter. It seems Sato will follow through with eliminating everyone on his kill list despite all opposition.

I gotta hand it to this series. All the powers these demi-humans possess are explored to every potential use, in a lot of ways I never would have thought of. This makes Sato really terrifying. He just has no fucks to give but his endgame seems a little sloppy. I mean, starting a war where it would just end up giving more demi-humans a chance to use their powers against him and for humans to eventually neutralize them? I think he’s just out to cause chaos at this point and I say this because (spoilers a bit here) when his ally, Tanaka, saves a woman on Sato’s kill list and tells him “It’s wrong to kill her. Don’t do it.” Sato just goes “Okay!” and moves on. Why would he do that? Why all of a sudden just capitulate to some random change of heart from a person who he could – and would –  turn on at any moment?

At any rate, epic battle with a good conclusion. I’m looking forward to the next one. 4.5 out of 5.

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