Lenni Reviews: “School Live” vol 1 by Norimitsu Kaihou, Sadoru Chiba, and Leighann Harvey

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Yuki Takeya loves her school. Her teachers are nice and she has a lot of fun at the School Living Club after classes are over; where she can hang out with her friends. At least what’s left of them after a zombie breakout.

This book reads like Highschool of the Dead’s sweeter and less slutty little sister and that’s not an insult to either series. In this story about a group of survivors in a school lacks the absurd fan service of the former and I dare say, this tries to be cute! Our living characters are adorable but the undead are kept mostly in shadow. It’s obvious the story will take a dark turn but this first volume is fairly light-hearted. 3.7 out of 5.

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