Lenni Reviews: “Devils’ Line” vol 9 by Ryo Hanada


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After all the fighting and revelations of the previous volume, all our characters are taking some time to heal up and regroup. Anzai is searching for more answers about his past, Hans Lee is using his time to save persecuted devils, Eleven is dealing with her family while Makimura heals from his wounds. All the while, the general climate towards devils is increasingly hostile, making it harder for Anzai and his group to do their jobs.

I have to say my favorite bits of this were Eleven, or Mayu rather, and her family. I’m not so sure about whatever romance between her and Makimura since he seems smarmy but I like how Mayu’s character is developing. She’s more than that dolled up, flat, bitchy character from the beginning and her progression is realistic and fun for me to read.

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