Lenni Reviews: “The Core” by Ada R. Griffiths

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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review

Honestly, Imma just copy and paste the blurb here:

The Standard of Kalam, a confederation of kingdoms bound by diplomacy, is governed by the Tetrad. Appointed by the Advisory Council, the four Tetrarchs that comprise the Tetrad are meant to ensure peace and prosperity across Kalam. Then the relative tranquility of the past several years is threatened by unknown enemies hailing from the recently acquired Eastern Territories. In trying to outsmart and stop them, Tetrarch Tancredi is aided by his sister, new allies, and an old flame… but it will take all of them, and more, if they hope to save the Standard.

Hey! Remember all the scenes in the Star Wars prequels where you got to sit there and watch them discuss politics? Here’s over 100,000 words of it. This book is written well but it had so much emphasis on politics that it had all the excitement of C-SPAN on the television when you can’t find the remote. I seem to keep getting these books that feel more like homework than enjoyment these days… 3 out of 5.

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