Lenni Reviews: “Perdy” Volume 1 by Kickliy

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After 15 years in prison, Perdy is anxious to get back to her life of crime, despite her love of sex and bank robbery landing her behind bard in the first place. She’s on the prowl for one last big score and everyone better get out of her way.

I admire the art style; reminding me of old comic strips like The Adventures of Tintin and much like those old comics, don’t expect a lot of political correctness. Perdy is unapologetically vulgar, fucks who she wants, brawls when she wants, and fuck you for even saying one word about it. She’s even down to steal her daughter’s suitor if she feels like it.

This book is just rip-roaring fun if you can check your prudishness at the door and I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens next! 3 out of 5.

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