Lenni Reviews: “Little Mama” by Halim Mahmouidi

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Brenda is a young lady living with her abusive mother. Her mother had her at 15 but Brenda is the real caregiver in their home. When her mother has another baby, Brenda is more of a mother to her younger brother, Kevin; whose father is her mother’s abusive new boyfriend. 

Obviously, there is a trigger warning here for child abuse and it is truly heartbreaking to see Brenda go through all of this horrible treatment. However, it does go in a more positive direction as Brenda wants to end the cycle of abuse with her when later in life, she has her own son. It’s hard to get through but ends on a hopeful note. It jumps around some parts and the dream scenes seem tossed in there randomly. There should have either been more of them or maybe removed completely. 4 out of 5.

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