Lenni Reviews: “My Last Summer with Cass” by Mark Crilley


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Megan and Cass’s parents are friends so they spend their childhood summers together for years until Cass’ parents divorce and she moves to New York City. Now reunited, they rekindle not only their friendship and love of working on art together. However, Megan has trouble handling such a different place after being sheltered by her strict parents for so long; clashing with Cass’s free spirit.

The art is soft and beautiful (almost reminding me of another lifetime when I used to draw) but the story is almost too clean, if that makes any sense. Based on the conflict and actions taken in the book, I expected a LOT more drama. I won’t spoil it but if someone did to me what Megan did to Cass, I think the minimum would be never speaking to them again. But it as compelling and pretty. If you like coming of age graphic novels, this is worth checking out. 3.7 out of 5.

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