Lenni Reviews: “Beastars” Vol. 13, by Paru Itagaki


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

After being arrested, Legoshi is no longer allowed to attend school. He finds a job in a noodle shop and is visited by his grandfather Gosha; a Komodo Dragon. There is also a new drug on the streets and Gosha has history with the current Beastar.

In this volume, we are also introduced to The Marines; water animals with even their own separate language and culture. Legoshi lives in the same apartment as a spotted seal who is trying to learn more about land animals. To be honest, I’d never given any thought to marine life. Incorporating them is cool and I like how Itagaki is using the fact Legoshi now lives on his own to introduce all these new concepts and characters. Legoshi’s neighbors are a trip. I love watching them interact and play off one another. And of course Legoshi is still the type to want to be a hero so he runs afoul of those drug dealers. I hope he never changes. 5 out of 5.

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