Lenni Reviews: “Perfect World” Vol. 1, by Rie Aruga


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Tsugumi and Itsuki went to high school together but drifted apart as they grew older. Tsugumi had a crush on Itsuki and is shocked to see him when her company and his have a work party and she still has feelings for him. She is shocked, however, to see is is now in a wheelchair; having suffered a tragic accident that left him a paraplegic.

Not many people know what it’s like to date someone who’s disabled and not many comics (or other media, honestly) address the unique complications that comes with doing so. Plenty of media have background characters but this puts one front and center with all the cards on the table.

Tsugumi is almost too perfect. I hope she goes through the full range of emotions rather than stick with being a go lucky saint the entire time. I do like how Itsuki isn’t a biter, angry character trope or an overcompensatingly happy person to “compensate” for being in a wheelchair. He’s got issues but he’s a realistic character and I look forward to watching their progress. 4.7 out of 5.

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