Lenni Reviews: “I Want to be a Wall” Vol. 1, by Honami Shirono


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Yuriko and Gakurota appear to be like any other newlywed couple but behind the scenes, Yuriko is asexual who loves yaoi and Gakurota is gay; hiding his unrequited love for his childhood friend who also  happens to be the gardener for the house they live in.

Other than Gakurota’s feelings, this is pretty low angst and more slice of life. Yuriko still tries to be a good wife, and Gakurota tries to be a good husband despite them not being in love at all. You don’t see many asexual characters around and Yuriko is funny and likable. They both settle in to life together, attempting to share interests and be a “normal” couple. I wonder how this will play out in future volumes; if it will stay as breezy as it is now or take a darker turn. But I want to read more! 4 out of 5.

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