Lenni Reviews: “My Boy” Vol. 5, by Hitomi Takano


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After being separated for two years, Mashuu is determined to see Satoko and spend time together like they used to. But there is a distance between them that makes it hard for them to reconnect; even when Satoko’s job brings her back to Tokyo.

I am loving this series and this volume is where we tread into the taboo. Both of our main characters are grappling with a torrent of feeling and because this is written to earnestly, it’s easy to get invested in them. I’m still on the fence about the ‘controversial’ tag at this point because I’ve seen some shit. Killing Stalking feels more controversial to me than this but I guess when you’ve had a taste of darker fair like that, My Boy feels absolutely quaint in comparison. This series touches on how their connection is odd but as of this volume, everything is still platonic. It’s thought provoking for me, for sure. 4 out of 5.

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