Lenni Reviews: “Perfect World” Vol. 11, by Rie Aruga


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Now that Tsugumi and Itsuki are married, they have tried every way possible to have a child of their own. When all else fails, they decide to adopt a child. They have to take classes, prove they can be good parents, and one of them has to take parental leave so they have to decide who will be the one to leave their job.

I’m on the fence about how “easy” the adoption process was. On one hand it’s good that the agency wasn’t automatically against one parent in a wheelchair but at the same time it was such a non issue that it messes with my suspension of disbelief. Not because I want something bad to happen, this couple has been through enough but I can’t imagine so many people being so nice all the time. Just goes to show what I expect from life if I have an issue with there not being enough assholes in a story. 4 out of 5.

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