Lenni Reviews: “Run on Your New Legs” Vol. 1, by Wataru Midori


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Shouta Kikuzato had dreams of joining a famous school’s soccer team but loses his leg in an accident. Feeling useless, he doesn’t interact with other students until a man named Chidori happens to see Kikuzato run and offers to make him a running prosthetic.

As a first outing, this had all the signs of a great series. I don’t usually read sports manga but the main character having a sports prosthetic intrigued me. I like stories with a unique and interesting hook and I like running so, I had to pick this up. Chidori is teetering on the edge of annoying quirky rather than entertaining quirky but Kikuzato’s more neutral personality balances him out. Kikuzato isn’t too angsty about his injury but you can see it affects him. We’ll see how things develop. 4 out of 5.

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