Lenni Reviews: “Run on Your New Legs” Vol. 3, by Wataru Midori


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Kikuzato hasn’t spoken to his old teammate and friend, Takekawa, since his accident and Takekawa has been struggling in school and on the soccer team. and watching Kikuzato throw himself into running makes it harder to repair the rift in-between them.

I think it was a nice tough to include how COVID had an impact on sports, not to mention how important it is for Kikuzato to find ways to keep training and adjusting his prosthetic.

Going in depth into the friendship between Takekawa and Kikuzato and how it clearly needs to be fixed after Kikuzato cut everyone off after losing his leg as well as Takekawa struggling to reconnect. After such an accident, it’s hard to know what to say to the person who was hurt without sounding pandering and while I am loving the running story, I do want to see these two friends find some common ground again.

Also, Kikuzato’s father is a jerk and wouldn’t mind seeing less of him. 4 out of 5.

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