Lenni Reviews: “Triceratops and Bottoms” by Lola Faust

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I’ve seen these types of books around and since there was no way in the hell of any religion I was going to pay money to indulge my morbid curiosity, I grabbed this (and a few others) that were offered for free.

Now, most of my reviews are fairly short; a quick blurb and my equally quick thoughts as not to spoil the experience (in most cases). If someone is interested and doesn’t want an essay on the book/comic/manga etc., I like to think my reviews will be something short to see if they’d be interested.

But we’re gonna take some time for dinosaur fucking so buckle up. This is a thing.

Our protagonist, Erin – introduced by her firm, perky nipples – lives in the year 2122 where nanobots do most of the work keeping her in a luxurious lifestyle. But all that modern tech has made life boring, so Erin has time to indulge her most wild fantasies. Feeling as if she’s experienced everything, both legal and not so much, Erin takes advantage of a new invention: a time machine.

I’m only 9% in now, by the way. Make note: my copy had some formatting issues. If anyone else cares to admit they read this, feel free to let me know if your copy was the same. No judgment here. Formatting is a bitch and has no bearing on the rating I give.

When Erin stated she felt “like a nerdy girl at her convention” for asking a logical question at the unveiling of the time machine, I took a strong sip of my IPA and wondered if I should branch off into doing drunk reviews on YouTube of books like this. But then I remember I’m in my 40’s and nobody needs to see my old ass face so, text is what you get.

I’m also not sure my liver could take it.

Anyhoo, despite the obvious (and much nerdier) pitfalls of time travel, Erin and her pert nipples are excited to go to the Jurassic era.

Could I have summed this up in a few sentences like my other reviews? Yes. Would it be as amusing? Probably not.

Now, again, I am not going to go in hard on format, typos, or grammar but there are certainly places where either I or Grammarly would have made better choices. I’m also gonna have to give some latitude to the dinos instantly understanding. Telepathy or some sort of other connection is a trope in these I’ve heard. This is my first dino porn so, forgive me if I get that wrong.

I freely admit this is not my thing and I either cringed or gagged at the smut scenes. This entire book is Erin seducing various species of dinosaurs. I have run multiple 5ks and done 10k training and it was more work and less enjoyable reading this book. Every so often I wonder what readers will think about the few smutty stories I’ve written, especially since most of my work isn’t erotica but this has taught me there’s an audience for ANYTHING. I don’t think I’ll be reading other books in this genre since, not to be crass but my brain hurts and I’ve never been drier. Serena’s Plight made me less uncomfortable. 1 out of 5.

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