They finally got it: Parents in cartoons.

I’ve had issues with how parental figures have been portrayed in young adult fiction and cartoons in the past. Being a parent can warp how you see media; and I won’t be elitist in saying parenthood is the only trigger. There are plenty of people in my age group who have had their perspective shifted when it comes to the media they consumed in the past versus what we consume now. Where once we identified with the impetuous kid, we now can relate to the worrisome adult. The best part is that we can recognize that and become better people as a result. I can’t tell you how often I was able to empathize with my own offspring, allow them their freedom while still imposing reasonable restrictions (that they still get all puberty about but at least there is more talking than screaming).

And that brings me to Camila Noceda:


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In the season finale before the hiatus, I can say without spoilers, Camila is brave, understanding, smart, and heartbreaking. Yes, I may be an adult who still watches cartoons and you can judge me all you want for that but seeing an adult handle their special magical child in such an earnest and realistic way will hopefully pave the way for better depictions of parents in young adult media. Not all parents will be understanding but maybe there’s a weird kid out there who won’t believe all adults will be overly critical and closed-minded. Some of us can be worried about you without being lame, judgmental, or overprotective. We can be worried, we won’t be happy if you lie to us, and fighting demons may not be the profession we’d like you to have, but it comes from a place of love and some of us will understand.

More adults like Camila, please! Young people and adults deserve it.

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Random Video/TV Thought: Has Our SciFi and Fantasy Become Too Sexualized?

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This week’s Finally Watched It post is going to be Black Mirror and in watching this, I had a strange thought: SciFi these days has a lot of sex in it.

I find myself more often than not being super excited about a new fantasy, science fiction, or horror series only to start it and with in 5 minutes think “Whelp, I can’t watch this with my kid.”

I have very fond memories of watching Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek, Quantum Leap, A-Team, and Knight Rider with my mom. We would talk about what happened, joke about stuff; it was a bonding experience for us. So, when a new series is announced, part of me gets all nostalgic for those days and I want to recreate them with my kid. Like a good parent, I watch it alone first to make sure it’s alright for a 9 year old to see (at least in my opinion) only to end up with a sex scene, massive amounts of cursing, or a pair of breasts right there on the screen. This happened with Defiance, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and now, Black Mirror. And to have a kid who LOVES SciFi, comics and horror who is too young to really be grabbed by something as old as Twilight Zone and has already seen Star Trek, it’s a little disappointing when something I think is cool comes out but I can’t share it.

With the exception of Stranger Things; which had a tolerable amount of cursing in it considering at 9, my kid has heard all this already and it’s not excessive in the show. It also has characters closer to her age group; much like Goonies was for my generation.

I’m not saying that every show in this genre needs to be accessible to children. I’ll sit and watch Gravity Falls or Star vs the Forces of Evil all damn day because they’re entertaining, well written, and fucking hilarious. But so much of the new stuff relies on all this sex to sell itself and it’s a trend I noticed. Has anyone else noticed this? I know it’s not a NEW thing but with TV not being as strict as it was 20 years ago and the advent of services like Netflix having none of the restrictions traditional cable has, there’s a lot more boobs and sex now. And it doesn’t always seem necessary for the plot half the time.

Or, I just got old. I dunno…

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Finally Watched It: Salad Fingers

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I had never heard of this series before but since Film Theory is doing an analysis of it, I actually thought I would check it out. This is yet another thing that I mentioned I’d never seen or heard of that garnered a gasp of shock so, it qualifies for my Finally Watched It series.

This is freaky as hell with some very disturbing imagery. I wouldn’t let my kid see this if I had any control over it, that’s for damn sure. But, call me psycho, I found this to be supremely sad. Perhaps the Film Theory colored my perception of it but I watched the series all in one shot and it was clear to me that our main character up there has either done some really fucked up shit or has been through some really fucked up shit and he just broke. His mind is DONE. Everything in his behavior smacks of DID and PTSD. The second part of that video didn’t come out yet but I really do wonder if he’s a former soldier with severely damaged hands who was possibly a POW.

Yeah, I know. This is a messed up series and there’s something probably messed up in my head for me to jump to sadness and pity for the main character rather than abject horror. Don’t get me wrong, I was disturbed and freaked out but to me, it was so obvious that what I was seeing was inside someone’s head that all I could think of is what terror this poor man suffered to end up like this.

My guess is probably WAY off base, though.

If you are looking for some creepy old animation to watch for Halloween, this series will take up about an hour of your time. I can’t say it’s for everyone so feel free to bail out after the first part if you want. I wouldn’t blame you.

If I remember, I’ll post if I was right or not about my guess.

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Feminism/Strong Female Characters and Sexism

I just hit all the buzz words, didn’t I? Well, something in this video kinda bugged me and I don’t read comments on YouTube (that’s a scary place…) I’m putting it here.

Around 1:20, the woman says that a female character cannot be progressive by assuming traditionally masculine characteristics and using The Bride from Kill Bill as an example. This bugs me for two reasons:

  1. The assumption that violence is an inherently male characteristic. That just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t see the connection with owning a penis and automatic violence; as if women cannot be violent. If I were a man, I don’t think I would like it if someone thought my natural state is to be violent and as a woman, I don’t like the assumption I’m trying to be male if I say; knock out a bully or something. Any person can be violent if they are either pushed to do so or are just a fricken psychopath. You never know.
  2. How in the ever-lovin’-hell is avenging your attempted murder and kidnapping of your unborn daughter a traditional masculine role? In any other species; messing with a kid is a surefire way to piss of the mom. Just look at what happens if you look at a bear cub the wrong way. Why is it more natural in Taken than in Kill Bill? What’s the difference? Kid missing, parent goes to rescue, wackiness ensues, bad guy goes buhbye, confetti is thrown. HUZZAH!

Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s sexist to assign violence to a gender. If a man can be violent, so can a woman and she’s not ‘acting like a man.’ Same as if a man chooses not to fight and appeal to emotion, he is not ‘acting like a woman.’ That line just rubbed me the wrong way. If “feminism is the radical notion that women are people” (Marie Shear) then people can be bad or good regardless of gender.

That’s where I’m coming from, I guess. Now, I suppose, the internet will explode with rage.

Random Video Thoughts

Thar be cussin so you were warned.

I am fucking obsessed with this game. I am willing to buy a PS4 for this game. Maybe I’ll turn into one of those YouTubers who record themselves playing because I can guarantee my reactions will be comedy gold. I spend most of this trailer in a fetal position hiding behind my hands.

Now all I have to do is calculate how much plasma I need to sell in order to afford the system…


Random Video Thoughts

Random book thoughts? Why not random video thoughts? And I am considering a YouTube channel for this sort of nonsense but then people would have to see my face or hear my voice. I’m pretty damn annoying when I put my mind to it. And by put my mind to it, I mean open my mouth and utter a single word.

There’s some pretty good comedy gold on YouTube and I’ve become a fan of CrazyShootin and his utterly hilarious game play commentary/trolling.

Except the Small Horse map.

Its just the most insane map I’ve ever seen (and I haven’t seen all these playlists yet). I’m up to part 6 and my only thoughts are “What is this and why is it happening to my eyes!?”

**His videos feature plenty of cussin, high-pitched squealing, and scary monsters so… You’re warned.